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Hospitality Concepts Group Partners with Sherburne Inn Project

Tax Credit Consultant Also Signs On

Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc., announced this week that Hospitality Concepts Group (HCG) has signed on as the hospitality consulting company with the potential to operate The Sherburne Inn.

HCG’s leadership team, William “Ben” Eberhardt III, Debra Soule, and Peter Younglove, also manage the Colgate Inn in Hamilton, the Red Mill Inn in Baldwinsville, The Gould Hotel in Seneca Falls, The Sherwood Hotel in Greene, and No. 10 restaurant, also in Hamilton.

“We’ve been meeting with HCG and working throughout the summer to reach the point where both HCG and SSIRP were comfortable with this partnership,” SSIRP President Kathleen Yasas said. “After many conversations about vision, management style, and timing, we’ve concluded that Ben and his group are the perfect fit for the future of The Sherburne Inn.”

SSIRP and HCG will work together with preservation architect Randy Crawford in planning the next phase of work, which will include interior design of the first floor and of guest rooms on the upper floors. Once the Inn is open, HCG will manage operations of the restaurant, bars, and hotel.

“The Sherburne Inn is a vital gem for our region,” Eberhardt said. “Its rich history and relationship to the community will provide a critical contribution to the future of regional economic development and community cohesion.”

Exterior work on the building, under the guidance of Syracuse firm Crawford & Stearns, began last summer and included brick pointing and general masonry, window restoration, porch deck and porch roof work, trim painting, and column restoration. Work began again on October 7 to complete window restoration.


“Individual donations continue to come in toward the match of our second state grant of $500,000, about which we are very appreciative,” Yasas said. “We’re anticipating that our tax credit investors will put us over the top on the match.”

Tax Credit Consultation

Along with HCG, SSIRP has contracted with consultant Michael Cucchiara of Potomac Capital Advisors in Boston who will be leading the financial structuring efforts on behalf of SSIRP. Michael was part of the project team that restored the historic Hotel Syracuse, now open as the Marriot Syracuse.

“This is an exciting opportunity for the local businesses – and for the community as a whole – to participate in the restoration of The Sherburne Inn and return it to its former grandeur,” Cucchiara said.


About The Sherburne Inn Project

Conceptualized as an economic driver for Sherburne and for the surrounding area, SSIRP plans to reopen The Inn with guest rooms, event space, conference space, a farm-to-table restaurant and bar, a tavern, retail space, and office space. Temporary and permanent part- and full-time jobs will be created both during the restoration and after The Inn has been reopened.

Checks made payable to SSIRP may be mailed to POB 1102, Sherburne, NY 13460.

SSIRP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to SSIRP are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.



A great day on June 4th!

SSIRP hosted a Party on the Porch at The Inn on Pageant of Bands and welcomed new friends and old to tour the building, have a glass of iced tea, and watch the parade from the best vantage point in town. Thanks everyone for coming out and showing your support!

steve and pamme 1 13307466_10209586511522557_2963381545682831472_n[1] 13310377_10206154281116771_4362393108663909703_n[2] frank Haley, Jeff, Lori, Mom Kit, Cindy, Randy, Susana Patty, Carl 13406773_10209434631245419_6051785357749508403_n[1] Bill, Alley, Anna Cathi, Donna, Jen Steve, Pamme Yacono gang 1 Yacono gang 2



















The Sherburne Inn: At the heart of the community, and in the community’s heart

A special piece of furniture has been donated to The Sherburne Inn by local mason Jeff Davies in memory of his parents, Walt and Ethel Davies. The antique fainting couch needed some TLC, and it got some from master upholsterer Michael Girndt of Mike’s Furniture Repair in Norwich (607-334-8460). Although you can’t see them, Mike even repaired the antique springs (which had definitely sprung). This restored beauty, with its rolled back and sunburst design, will soon make The Sherburne Inn its home.

Thanks, Jeff, for adding another bit of the past to this project, which is all about preserving history.

First photo: before restoration. Second and third photos, after restoration.

chaise before 20160419_120129 20160419_120200


Finch Fund Awards SSIRP Second $50,000 Grant

[SHERBURNE, NY – February 29, 2016] The Howard K. Finch Memorial Fund today announced the decision of its community board to award a second grant of $50,000 to Save the Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. (SSIRP) to be applied to Phase 2 interior work of the historic Sherburne Inn. The first grant awarded to SSIRP was in July 2013, shortly after SSIRP’s purchase of the building.

Finch Fund Trustee Richard M. Runyon said in the award letter, “The Finch Fund Community Board has approved the $50,000 grant request contingent upon the fact that the remaining matching funds have been secured to allow for the release of the $500,000 New York State Grant 2014.” The Howard K. Finch Memorial Fund was established in 1998 for the purpose of distributing funds for the benefit of the village and town of Sherburne.

SSIRP this week launched its corporate fundraising campaign as part of the 2014 match program, which includes $25,000 matching grants from both NBT and Chobani. The 2014 grant will allow the group to move forward into Phase 2. Phase 1 exterior work on the building began on July 13, 2015, and included brick pointing and general masonry, window restoration, porch deck and porch roof work, trim painting, and column restoration.

Kathleen Yasas, SSIRP board president, said, “We are delighted that the Finch Fund has – once again – stepped up as a major supporter of this project and is now in the ‘Guardian’ level of sponsorship. Guardian-level sponsorship recognizes patrons who donate $50,000 or more; Finch is now at the $100,000 level, which is remarkable and very much appreciated.

“This project is all about community,” Yasas added, “and about preserving history in a village where we have lost beautiful and historically-significant buildings that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places as part of our historic district. Once these properties are gone, there’s no turning back. It’s our responsibility as Sherburne residents to protect these historic treasures for future generations.”

About The Sherburne Inn Project

Conceptualized as an economic driver for Sherburne and for the surrounding area, SSIRP plans to reopen The Inn with guest rooms, event space, conference space, a farm-to-table restaurant and bar, a tavern, retail space, and office space. Temporary and permanent part- and full-time jobs will be created both during the restoration and after The Inn has been reopened.

For more information on The Sherburne Inn and SSIRP, go to To donate to this grant match by credit card, visit the SSIRP GoFundMe Matching Campaign Checks made payable to SSIRP may be mailed to POB 1102, Sherburne, NY 13460.

SSIRP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to SSIRP are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

north view 1

February 2016. Seen here: north porch balustrades in place, with columns and 2nd/3rd floor windows restored. Main roof balustrades will be rebuilt and replaced in Phase 2.


SSIRP is now taking orders for its 1st-in-a-series 2015 Christmas ornament. To pay by check, right click on the form below, download by clicking “save picture as,” print, complete, and mail with your payment to SSIRP, POB 1102, Sherburne, NY 13460. To pay by credit card, go to and follow instructions.

Sherburne Inn Ornament Order FromSherburne Inn Ornament



The October 24th Speakeasy was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who attended, to all who donated to our silent auction, and particularly to our sponsors


Exterior Work on Sherburne Inn Progressing

[August 26, 2015 – Sherburne, NY] As anyone who has driven past The Sherburne Inn in the last month has noticed, progress on this historic building — purchased by Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. in April 2013 — is most certainly (and at last) being made.

Exterior work on the building began on July 13 under the supervision of general contractors Rich & Gardner and architect Randy Crawford, of Crawford & Stearns. Phase 1 will include brick pointing and general masonry, window restoration, porch deck and porch roof work, trim painting, and column restoration.

window work

“We couldn’t be happier with the headway being made so far,” SSIRP President Kathleen Yasas said this week. “The north-side add-on porch roof, not part of the original construction, is gone; the porch decks are being rebuilt; trim color has been selected; historic columns have been stripped and are awaiting paint; windows are undergoing restoration; and brickwork has begun. We started with an abandoned structure full of birds and broken windows, and now have a building in the process of returning to being a focal point ― and a social center ― for the village.”

She added: “Both Randy Crawford and Rich & Gardner are doing a fantastic job. We’re on schedule, and expect Phase 1 to conclude on time, sometime in December.”

pouring concrete

What’s next? “We need to make our matches,” Yasas said. “Not only do we have the $25,000 NBT grant to match, but we also have to match the $500,000 New York State economic development grant. That grant will take us to inside restoration.”

SSIRP has set up a GoFundMe campaign site (, which invites individuals and corporations to donate online. “People in Sherburne and in surrounding communities have been incredibly generous,” Yasas said. “Now we’re being approached by representatives of area corporations, who are realizing the impact The Inn will have on their businesses in terms of guest rooms, dining opportunities, meeting space … and convenience. In general, the sentiment is ‘We can’t wait for The Inn to be open, we need hotel rooms in this area.’ SSIRP agrees, of course, but we’re going to need their support, in this early stage and going forward.”

Arts Council_SSIPR_Save the Date

Of particular note in SSIRP’s fundraising efforts is an upcoming event on October 24, being held in collaboration with the Chenango County Arts Council. “The Arts Council and SSIRP are co-hosting a Speakeasy Masquerade Ball, to be held at the Arts Council building in Norwich,” Yasas said. “We chose that theme to tie into the timeframe that the Inn was opened, the early 1900s. The idea is for guests to ‘come to the speakeasy’ in era-appropriate costume, enjoy live music and dancing, good food, libations, raffles, auctions, and in general to have a good time. Of course, we also hope to raise funds for both the Arts Council and SSIRP.” To purchase tickets for the event, go to

“It’s been really gratifying to see how much is being done at The Inn this summer, and how quickly,” Yasas said. “I imagine everybody in Sherburne would agree that it’s taken a long time to get things moving, but the SSIRP board felt it was important to be sure all of our ducks were in a row before the first hammer fell. Now we’re there.”


SSIRP launches GoFundMe campaign to match NBT’s $25,000 grant


NBT Bank Commits $25,000 in Matching Funds to Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project

SHERBURNE, N.Y. (July 27, 2015) – Save the Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. (SSIRP), announced this week that NBT Bank has committed $25,000 in matching funds toward the restoration of the historic Sherburne Inn.

“We’re thrilled that NBT Bank has stepped into the role of lead donor among local corporations,” SSIRP President Kathleen Yasas said. “We’re very grateful to NBT Bank for this generous commitment and hope individuals and businesses will step forward to help us raise our $25,000 match.” Funds will not be distributed to SSIRP until the match is made.To

“NBT Bank is committed to supporting the local communities we serve. We are pleased to partner with the Save the Sherburne Inn Restoration Project to help them reach their goal of restoring the historic Sherburne Inn. The Inn is a vital part of Sherburne’s history and is important to the community’s future,” said NBT Bank Territory Manager Thomas Sutton. “We are delighted to take on the role of lead corporate donor to help move this project forward. We hope our commitment inspires others to donate to this cause.”

Exterior work on the building began on July 13 under the supervision of Rich & Gardner, the general contractor hired by SSIRP for Phase 1 work, which will include brick pointing and general masonry, window restoration, porch deck and porch roof work, trim painting, and column restoration.

Conceptualized as an economic driver for Sherburne and for the surrounding area, SSIRP plans to reopen The Inn with sleeping rooms, event space, conference space, a farm-to-table restaurant and bar, a tavern, retail space, and office space. Temporary and permanent part- and full-time jobs will be created both during the restoration and after The Inn has been reopened.

To donate to this grant match via secure credit card payment, click the Make A Donation button above. Checks contributing to the match should be made payable to SSIRP and mailed to POB 1102, Sherburne, NY 13460.

SSIRP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to SSIRP are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


SSIRP Breaks Ground at The Sherburne Inn

Groundbreaking 1

Senator James Seward, Sherburne Town Supervisor Charles Mastro, and Sherburne Mayor Bill Acee joined SSIRP board members and representatives of Rich & Gardner Construction Company on July 13 for a groundbreaking ceremony at The Sherburne Inn. Senator Seward congratulated SSIRP on what he called “a great day for Sherburne,” adding that The Inn is not only at the physical center of the community, but at its emotional and social center as well. “The Sherburne Inn represents Sherburne’s history, and its future,” he said. Pictured here, left to right: Mark Becht of Rich & Gardner Construction; Kathleen Yasas, SSIRP president; Kristina Rodriguez, SSIRP board member; Steve Perrin, SSIRP vice president and project manager; Chris Hoffman, SSIRP treasurer; Senator Seward; Charles Mastro; SSIRP board member Vince Yacono; Bill Acee; and Mike Gardner, of Rich & Gardner Construction.



Exterior Construction on The Sherburne Inn to Begin July 13, 2015

[July 12, 2015 – Sherburne, NY] The long-awaited commencement of exterior construction on The Sherburne Inn will begin on Monday, July 13, SSIRP announced this week. Rich & Gardner Construction Company of Syracuse will be on site beginning Monday to kick off initial work for Phase 1, which will include restoration of windows, columns, rooflines, porches, and masonry. SSIRP anticipates completion of exterior work by mid-December.

“We’re looking forward to seeing substantial changes to the building,” SSIRP President Kathleen Yasas said. “We know the community is looking forward to that as well.”

Phase 1 costs will be covered by a $500,000 New York State Economic Development grant awarded to SSIRP in December 2013.  A second grant of $500,000 was awarded to SSIRP in December 2014, and is slated for interior work.

“The New York State funds are reimbursement grants,” Ms. Yasas said, “meaning we don’t actually get a check for a million dollars. We have to borrow the money to pay the vendors (ie, contractor), submit that payment to the state, and then get reimbursement from the state three or four months later, which we use to pay the bank back. That means SSIRP will be paying interest on that loan for those months we’re waiting for state reimbursement because interest isn’t covered by the grant. Our fundraising efforts continue as a way for us to cover the interest, and of course to match the 2014 grant.”

SSIRP made its match for the 2013 grant with the purchase of the building in 2013. The $500,000 2014 grant still must be matched by SSIRP.

“We’re gearing up for a corporate fundraising campaign in the coming months, as well as some exciting community events,” Ms. Yasas said.



Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project Hires General Contractor

Exterior Construction to Begin Shortly

[June 18, 2015 – Sherburne, NY] Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. (SSIRP), announced this week that Rich & Gardner Construction Company of Syracuse has been hired as the general contractor for Phase 1 restoration of The Sherburne Inn, which will include exterior work on the 98-year-old building. Work is expected to begin within 30 days and will include brick pointing and general masonry, window restoration, porch deck and porch roof work, trim painting, and column restoration.

Rich & Gardner, which counts among its employees Sherburne-area residents, was one of several companies that submitted bids. Bids were opened and reviewed at The Sherburne Inn on May 20.

“The decision, which came down to two companies, was challenging,” SSIRP Board President Kathleen Yasas said: “Both companies had excellent reputations and submitted great bids, but at the end of the day we had to look at cost and a connection to local residents and subcontractors. Rich & Gardner, the board decided, was the right firm for this phase of the project.” Per New York State grant guidelines, SSIRP was required to wait for state approval of Rich & Gardner before making an official announcement.

Conceptualized as an economic driver for Sherburne and for the surrounding area, SSIRP plans to reopen The Inn with sleeping rooms, event space, conference space, a farm-to-table restaurant and bar, a tavern, retail space, and office space. Temporary and permanent part- and full-time jobs will be created both during the restoration and after The Inn has been reopened.

“It’s been a long road filled with many details,” Ms. Yasas said. “We’re delighted that work is finally beginning.”

SSIRP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to SSIRP are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. To donate to SSIRP via secure credit card payment, click on the donate button at upper right.


December, 2014

It’s been a good year for Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. On December 4th we received an executed contract from New York State for the 2013 $500,000 economic development grant, allowing us to begin exterior work on the building in spring 2015. Our other exciting news is that on December 11th, New York State awarded us a second matching grant of $500,000, meaning that the state of New York is behind this project to the tune of one million dollars. The 2013 grant will fund exterior work on the building, and the 2014 grant will allow us to move on to interior restoration. It has been a long 25 months, but we are finally on our way!

With all this good news, we are not there yet. The total cost of the project is estimated at $3,000,000, and we will need to raise $250,000 for our 50/50 match of the 2014 state grant. In the coming months SSIRP will launch a corporate fundraising campaign to achieve that match, about which we are confident and enthusiastic. In the meantime, the entire SSIRP board extends its thank to you – our individual donors – for your contributions over the past two years. As we cannot use grant funding for operating expenses, your donations have brought us to where we are today. We would not be in a position to accept New York State’s funding without your contributions that have kept us “in the black,” and for that you have our sincere thanks. SSIRP’s volunteer board, committee members, and other supporters have spent thousands of hours to turn the lights back on in downtown Sherburne. Your donations and kind words of encouragement have kept us going.

To those of you who continue to send in your donations toward our match and toward our total fundraising goal, thank you! Sherburne is a special and historic community, and you may rest assured that every penny of your support will be invested wisely in bringing back our beautiful Sherburne Inn. We look forward to welcoming you at our grand opening, tentatively scheduled for summer 2017.

With heartfelt thanks and best regards for a happy and healthy New Year,

Kathleen M. Yasas
And the SSIRP Board of Directors

SSIRP Has a State Contract – Finally!

            [December 8, 2014 – Sherburne, NY]—Nearly a year after Gov. Cuomo announced that Save the Sherburne Inn Restoration Project (SSIRP) had been awarded a $500,000 economic development grant through the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, SSIRP finally has an executed State contract and can now begin the work of restoring the historic Sherburne Inn that has been vacant for more than a decade.

Kathleen Yasas, president of the SSIRP Board of Directors, said today: “We were very excited when we got the news of the grant award in December 2013, but had no idea it would take this long to get a signed contract from the State. It’s been frustrating, to say the least. However, we’re putting that frustration behind us now that we can begin to move forward with the initial steps of the restoration.” Until the contract was signed by the Attorney General and the State Comptroller, no work could begin.

Preservation Architects Crawford and Stearns of Syracuse have been creating the bid package that will include specs for the exterior restoration work. This phase of the restoration includes refurbishing windows, repairing wooden columns and railings, repairs to the brickwork and mortar, removing architectural features that were not part of the original 1917 building, recreating architectural features that were removed, repairing the stone work on the porch, and repairing external stairs and walkways. Plans also include the addition of a ramp to bring the building into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act mandates.

A request for proposals will be published in area newspapers, after which submitted proposals will be reviewed by Crawford and Stearns and the SSIRP Board of Directors. Contractors will be chosen based on specific expertise and knowledge of historic preservation methods and materials. All exterior work must also be approved by the New York State Historic Preservation Office.

Conceptualized as an economic driver for the Village and Town of Sherburne, Chenango County, the Southern Tier, and New York State, SSIRP plans to reopen The Inn with sleeping rooms, event space, conference space, a farm-to-table restaurant and bar, a tavern, and retail space. Temporary and permanent part- and full-time jobs will be created both during the restoration and after The Inn has been re-opened.

The project coincides with several of the focal points of the State’s economic development priorities: downtown revitalization, historic preservation, tourism, and local agriculture. The 2013 grant was part of $81.9 million awarded to the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council. Of the 87 projects funded in the Southern Tier, only 22 received more funding than SSIRP. A total of 8 funded projects are located in Chenango County.

For more information on The Sherburne Inn and SSIRP, visit SSIRP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

It Takes a Village …
And Sometimes A Few Others Down the Road
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Save The Sherburne Inn
What’s New? (Spring ’14)

SSIRP is appreciative of the community’s interest in the saving The Sherburne Inn project. As a number of questions have arisen regarding “What’s going on?,” we hope the following information will be useful:

State Grant

As you may have heard, SSIRP was awarded a $500,000 economic development grant from the State of New York in December. Some people have asked, “Why isn’t anything happening at the building since SSIRP got this money?” The answer to this question is a simple one: we don’t “have” the money. The grant is reimbursement funding, meaning SSIRP has to spend money before it can be reimbursed from the state. SSIRP is in the process of securing a bank line of credit. When work begins on the building, SSIRP will pay for that work from the line of credit, will submit an invoice to the state, and will be reimbursed. Furthermore, before any reimbursement can be paid, SSIRP must execute a contract with the state. SSIRP met with state representatives in February to discuss components of the contract, which are complex and time-consuming. We are finalizing the contract now, and have been advised by our representatives that state review of the contract can take several months, a process over which we have no control. We cannot begin work on the building until that contract is executed, and all work, no matter how small, must be approved by the historic preservation representatives working with us on this project. The grant is very specific about how monies can be spent, and we are required to abide by these specifications. We anticipate, in this Phase 1 process, that the grant will cover exterior restoration of the building. We are investigating funding for Phase 2, which will be applied to interior restoration. Funds received from individuals in the community since last year have been critical in our ability to get to this point, and the entire SSIRP board extends its thanks to those who have shown such great support.

Architectural Designs

Our preservation architects, Crawford & Stearns of Syracuse, have visited the building on a regular basis over the winter months measuring, photographing, and planning. They are, as we speak, working on drawings for both the exterior and interior of the building. This, too, is a lengthy process. We hope to have these architectural drawings in hand shortly and on display at the Inn on Pageant of Bands. We have been able to move forward with the architects thanks to funds from The Howard K. Finch Memorial Foundation. Although Finch funds are also reimbursement monies, that process of payment moves more quickly than funds from the state. As with the state funds, we do not have $50,000 from Finch in our bank account. When work is complete, we will submit an invoice to Finch for payment.

As everyone in Sherburne is well aware, the winter of 2013-2014 has been a challenge. Just last week it snowed. SSIRP has been planning a clean-up day at the Inn, but temperatures have been prohibitive as the inside of the building is often many degrees colder than outside. Now that spring is finally here, we hope to move that process forward. Again, however, all work in the building must be approved by the state.

No one is more eager to begin work on The Sherburne Inn than those of us at SSIRP. Rest assured that while you may not have seen anything definitive happening at the building, the SSIRP board has been working tirelessly on the complicated process that is the restoration of the Inn. Even the smallest project, prior to starting, requires thought and preparation, and the Inn is no small project. This is not a situation where grants are awarded and we pull out a hammer and paintbrush. Historic restrictions are in place, paperwork on all aspects of the project is massive, and careful and methodical planning are required before we can begin work that will be obvious to the community. Work behind the scenes has never stopped. We ask as well for an appreciation that all board members are volunteering their time in this effort, and have jobs, families, and lives outside of The Sherburne Inn project that also require our time and attention. We have known from the beginning that transforming this building from a vacant structure to a vibrant, thriving business will be an exercise in patience. The process is slow, but is moving ahead every day.

We hope the above clarifies some of the questions that have been raised in recent months.

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Christmas Party at the Inn!

SSIRP Hires Preservation Architects Crawford & Stearns
November 6, 2013, Sherburne, New York

Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. (SSIRP), the nonprofit organization formed in January to save the historic Sherburne Inn, announced today that it has retained preservation architects Crawford & Stearns, of Syracuse.

It was a challenging decision,” SSIRP President Kathleen Yasas said. “We received bids from four architectural firms and all presented outstanding services. In the end, however, the SSIRP board felt that Crawford & Stearns was the best fit.”

Crawford & Stearns, founded in 1979, focuses on preservation of architecturally, historically, and culturally significant resources. The firm’s expertise is vast, and includes main street and downtown revitalization programs and local landmark preservation.

Architect and partner Randy Crawford, with whom SSIRP will be working closely, is a licensed architect with an advanced degree in the history of architecture. He is qualified under Federal 36 CFR requirements to practice architecture, architectural history, and historic architecture, and has been in private practice for over 35 years. His principal expertise and experience lie in the areas of historic preservation planning and design review, small town revitalization, and commercial revitalization with a particular emphasis on the sympathetic adaptive reuse of historic properties. Mr. Crawford is a frequent speaker on various aspects of historic preservation and has served on the boards of several professional, private, and public boards including the Preservation League of New York State, the Regional Council of Historical Agencies, and the New York Chapter of the Association for Preservation Technology.

“We’re thrilled to be working with SSIRP on restoring The Sherburne Inn,” Mr. Crawford said. “We think SSIRP’s vision is great for the community. This building is an important local landmark, and we at Crawford & Stearns feel its rehabilitation will help revitalize the entire region.”

Successful projects require accurate on-site investigation and documentation, the sensitive accommodations of applicable building codes and life safety standards, the incorporation of specific spatial and programmatic needs established by those using the building as well as by various funding and regulatory agencies, the incorporation of environmentally responsible and sustainable design principles, provisions for handicapped accessibility, and an awareness of the physical limitations inherent with an existing structure, as well as the appropriate treatment of historically and architecturally significant features. Crawford & Stearns’ partners and senior staff have actively pursued advanced studies in both academic and practical applications and are associated with professional organizations committed to these principles.

“We’re looking forward to kicking off the planning stage of this project and working with C/S to bring back a commercial establishment that means so much to our village, “Ms. Yasas said. “SSIRP’s goal is not only to save an historic landmark, but to encourage economic development in Sherburne.”

The Sherburne Inn, which opened its doors for the first time in 1917 as a hotel and restaurant, has been a mainstay on Sherburne’s anchor corner for almost 100 years. In late 2012, the building was threatened by demolition when a chain store proposed to buy The Inn and an adjacent historic building, tear both down, and erect in their place an all-night convenience shop and gas station. SSIRP negotiated an alternative plan with then-owner and local businessman Jim Webb, and purchased The Inn on April 25, 2013.

Watch a video about The Inn on YouTube!

State Senator Seward tours the Sherburne Inn

Dining room shot
Senator James L. Seward visited Sherburne on Saturday, October 5, and took the opportunity to tour The Sherburne Inn with SSIRP board members Kathleen Yasas, Steve Perrin, Jim McDaniel, and Rose Tenney. Senator Seward commended SSIRP’s efforts in its plans to restore Sherburne’s historic corner.

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SSIRP Welcomes William Livermore as Board Member

William (“Bill”) Livermore is a 1988 graduate of Sherburne-Earlville Central School. He most recently served as CEO and Executive Director of the Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF), a global human rights organization dedicated to ending modern day slavery. Bill is also a member of the New York City Human Trafficking Task Force.

Bill played a key role in the 2007 founding of SMF before joining as full-time leader two years later. At SMF Bill was responsible for implementing new outcomes-based strategies across the organization and establishing multiple corporate, public, and NGO partnerships in the areas of public awareness, advocacy and survivor services. Revenue at SMF grew steadily year-over-year, growing from $600,000 in 2008 to $2.25 million in 2009, $3.5 million in 2010, and $4.6 million in 2011.

At SMF, Bill initiated and led the development of Project Futures, a youth engagement platform that netted $350,000 its first year and established a brand separate from the organization’s founder and president (Somaly Mam). As a member of the New York City Human Trafficking Task Force, Bill has provided strategic guidance to the Mayor’s Office in establishing its human trafficking public awareness campaign and strengthening its anti-trafficking efforts and survivor services.

Prior to joining the foundation, Bill served as the Director of Thought Leadership Programs at LexisNexis, where he was responsible for building the company’s Rule of Law initiative and managing government, legal, and NGO relationships.

Bill has also served as Lead Advance for the Clinton White House and held management positions at Cornell, Corning, Unisys, and LexisNexis. At Corning, Bill was instrumental in helping the company consolidate multiple brands that Corning had acquired and re-launch them as a unified brand.

Bill is a Cornell University graduate and lives with his family in New York City.

Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project’s
fundraiser on Indiegogo has launched!

Please take a few moments to visit the site to read our story, see interior shots of the current building, and watch our video about the project.

PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK with your friends, family, and all other contacts, all the tools are there. Get perks, make a contribution, or simply follow updates. The fundraiser will run for 60 days, help us reach our Indiegogo goal!

Nina’s to host Give Back Night, Tuesday, July 23
In Support of  SSIRP

We live in such a great community, and I don’t mean just Sherburne. Nina’s, in Norwich, will be supporting The Sherburne Inn project on July 23 by donating 20% of proceeds to SSIRP. Please mark your calendar for Tuesday, July 23, and stop by Nina’s between 4-10 p.m. on Give Back Night. Print and present the coupon below when you cash out and help Nina’s help us! And please, share with your friends!!

Thank you Nina’s!!!


Finch Fund Awards SSIRP $50,000 Grant

The Howard K. Finch Memorial Fund today announced the decision of its Community Board to award a grant of $50,000 to Save the Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. (SSIRP) for the purposes of paying fees for a preservation architect to develop planning and schematic documents and a construction cost estimate for restoration and renovation of the Sherburne Inn building; the cost of preliminary environmental testing; and the cost of acquiring additional documentation necessary for state grant applications.

Richard M. Runyon, Trustee of the Finch Fund, said in the award letter, “This is one of the largest awards in the Finch Fund’s history, and while the Community Board realizes this project will be ongoing and difficult, they also think it will have a positive impact on the appearance of downtown Sherburne.”

Kathleen Yasas, President of the Board of Directors of SSIRP, said, “We are thrilled to have the generous support of the Howard K. Finch Memorial Fund, and so pleased to have earned their vote of confidence in our project.  It’s all about community, and our vision in restoring this historic property is to not only honor Sherburne’s past, but to revitalize its future.”

The Howard K. Finch Memorial Fund was established in 1998 for the purpose of distributing funds for the benefit of the Village and Town of Sherburne.  This award is SSIRP’s first major grant since its incorporation as a nonprofit organization in January 2013.

SSIRP holds its 1st Pageant of Bands fundraiser

Sherburne’s annual Pageant of Bands on Saturday, June 1, was another great success. The day was a knock-out: sunny skies and light breeze, although hot was the watch word. The bands performed, the crowds cheered, porch celebrations prevailed, and people in this village came out en masse to enjoy for the 64th year an event that is a hallmark of our community.

Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project (SSIRP) held its first Pageant of Bands fundraiser on The Sherburne Inn lawn. Sales of popcorn, water, coffee, Judy’s Diner donuts, tee shirts, and more raised over $1,100. Special thanks to Pamme Swan, who donated her time and musical talents to entertain those downtown as they waited for the parade to begin. “Anything for The Sherburne Inn,” she said. Angela Jones of Sherburne was the winner of our 50/50 raffle, and Angela has generously donated her winnings back to SSIRP. Thank you Angela! SSIRP appreciates all who purchased tee shirts on June 1. If you would like to purchase a preserve history tee shirt, email We have shirts in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL, $15 each with all proceeds to SSIRP.

Pamme Swan supporting the Sherburne Inn
Pamme Swan performing on The Inn lawn in downtown Sherburne
Laura & Lauren helping sell water & popcorn at Pageant 2013
Our youngest volunteers

SSIRP’s “Preserve History” building banner

The Sherburne Inn Hits The Airwaves

Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 8.28.34 AM
Click image for video; scroll to 11 minutes,  27 seconds.

On Wednesday, May 1, a crew from Mohawk Valley Living took a tour through The Inn in preparation for a feature on SSIRP’s project. SSIRP board members met with producer Sharry Whitney and host Richard Enders, while a cameraman filmed interior and exterior shots of the building. Our own Rose Tenney, SSIRP Board Secretary, was interviewed for the piece which aired on Sunday, May 5, on WFXV 33, as well as WUTR.

Mohawk Valley Living is a weekly television show that explores the arts, entertainment, culture, and heritage of the greater Mohawk Valley region of New York State. It is broadcast 3 times a week on Utica’s NBC affiliate, WKTV. It is owned and produced by Lance and Sharry Whitney and is hosted by actor and playwright, Richard Enders.

Thank you to Mohawk Valley Living for covering “good news” news!

Breaking News! It’s Official!!
The Sherburne Inn is Ours!!!

As of Thursday, April 25, 2013, The Sherburne Inn Is Ours!!! Today
SSIRP closed on the purchase of The Inn, which will be brought back to
this remarkable community of people who have donated time, money, and
effort in saving it. Our next steps will be to move forward with
continued fundraising in Sherburne and in the surrounding communities,
and to reach out to corporations, family foundations, grants, and
individuals from around the country who have shown interest in this
project. We need help from everyone to restore and reopen this historic
property, and to make it better than it ever was before.

In the coming weeks SSIRP will call on volunteers and others, and will
begin the planning, restoration, and renovation process. We ask for
your patience as work kicks off.

This will be a long road, but the first huge step has been taken:
ownership of a building that means so much to this village, and to its
anchor corner.

THANK YOU to everyone who has donated funds up to this point. It is not
an understatement to say that your contributions have enabled us to buy
the building. Without the donations received so far, purchase would not
have been possible. Please do what you can to donate time and services
— as well as funding — and share this post with all of your social
networking and other contacts. Our reach needs to be far and wide in
letting people know that historic buildings can be saved if citizens
band together to make it happen.

Our journey has begun. Join us!

To donate to Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, send your tax
deductible donation to:

POB 1102
Sherburne, NY 13460

OR click the “Contribute” link above to pay securely by credit card.


SSIRP’s efforts have caught the attention of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Please visit the link below to see our story, published on the Preservation Nation blog.

SSIRP is pleased to announce that we have received approval of our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status from the IRS. Our nonprofit status qualifies SSIRP to accept tax deductible contributions to the organization.

Our application, which was submitted in late January, was approved on February 27, 2013. We were advised by our financial consultants that approval could take from three to six months; SSIRP is delighted that the application was in fact approved in less than 30 days.

Donations received on or after SSIRP’s incorporation date of January 16 are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Our sincere thanks to those of you who have donated thus far, and thanks in advance to those whose future donations will help us turn the lights back on in downtown Sherburne!


SSIRP Reaches Goal, Moves Forward To Closing!

The Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project (SSIRP) has reached its goal in raising the purchase price for acquiring The Sherburne Inn, and will now proceed to closing.

“We’re very grateful to owner Jim Webb for giving citizens of this community the opportunity to save and restore the building,” Kathleen Yasas, President of SSIRP, said. “Our goal from the beginning was to do the right thing for Sherburne in preserving Sherburne’s anchor corner. We realize hard work is ahead in raising funds for restoration and renovation. Our board members and volunteers are ready to roll up their sleeves and, with the help of the community and other patrons, feel confident we can turn the lights back on in downtown Sherburne.”

Plans for the restored Inn include a restaurant, two bars, guest rooms, and event space as well as other amenities such as a gift shop, fitness center, and bakery.

“The SSIRP board extends its heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who have offered to help and who have been contributing to this project since October, and especially to those who have donated funds to help us make this first important step,” Ms. Yasas said. “We look forward to working with the residents of Sherburne and our village leaders on this exciting community project.”

On Monday, February 25, Jim Webb said, “I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and I really look forward to seeing the Inn flourish again.” Mr. Webb added that he is happy to extend the first right of refusal on the adjacent former Big M property to SSIRP.

To donate to Saving The Inn, please make your check payable to Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project and mail to POB 1102, Sherburne, NY 13460, or pay by credit card on this site by clicking the “contribute” link.


Mark your calendars! Gilligan’s Island of Sherburne will be hosting a fundraiser for our Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project (SSIRP) on Monday, March 4. Andy Lagoe of Gilligan’s reached out to SSIRP said he and brother Mike, owners of Gilligan’s, want to become part of this exciting community project.

When making dinner plans on Monday, March 4, please consider stopping by Gilligan’s between 4:00-8:00 p.m., and mention to your server that you’re in support of saving The Inn. Andy reports that Gilligan’s will donate 20% of any food purchased from 4-8, including ice cream, to SSIRP.

Thanks to Andy and Mike, who like so many others
in Sherburne know what small towns are all about

The Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project was formed because we, the concerned citizens of Sherburne, believe in both the future of this historic building and of our community. We do not want to revisit the past; rather, we hope to preserve history while moving forward economically. This is what small towns are all about…neighbors coming together doing what they can in however small or large ways, and bringing about meaningful change that will affect the lifeblood of our village for generations.

Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc.

POB 1102

Sherburne, NY 13460


5 Responses to

  1. Jack Bigelow says:

    My mother, Norene Salsbury Bigelow, wrote the following description of her early memories of Sherburne and The Sherburne Inn. Her husband was Wilbur D. Bigelow, who with his brother, Oren, owned Bigelow’s Pharmacy (now Service Pharmacy) for many years. Their father, Orrin O. Bigelow preceded them in ownership. My mother is now 97 years old and enjoying life living near my sister, Jill Curley, in State College, PA. Jack Bigelow

    Here is what she wrote:

    “Before Sherburne, the Salsbury Family lived on a small farm near the communities of Fulton and Oswego, New York. To earn more money, my father (John Salsbury) took a job at a G.L.F. Feed Store in Fulton. He was offered the job of managing the G.L.F. Feed Store (which later became Agway) in a small town called Sherburne. To us, Sherburne seemed to be a place far, far, away. We asked ourselves, “How can we leave our little farm?”

    It took a bit of time for us to feel comfortable in this strange town. However, the feed store was quite near the Sherburne Inn, and right in the center part of this small town. Farmers came to town to the feed store to get feed for their animals, seed for sowing, or to get their hair cuts at the Sherburne Inn. Maybe a drink was in the plan and surely, crossing the street to the bank or going to the Post Office caused farmers to admire the beautiful flowers gracing the front of the Inn.

    The Sherburne Inn was a popular place for local people to congregate for special events, including birthdays and wedding parties. For some people, it was their home: Dr. Robert Benedict earned money chauffering an elderly lady from The Inn to her former home on a regular schedule.

    Being a sophomore in Sherburne High School, I began thinking of how I could help to earn money to go to college. I became a waitress at the Sherburne Inn while in High School and each summer during my college years. I fondly remember the owner, Mr. Colton. People came from long distances to eat a meal at The Inn, and we waitresses watched for the big tippers! New waitresses were taught how to carry the big aluminum oval trays laden with delicious foods. Just opening the swinging doors into the kitchen brought the scents of pies, soups, and entrees being prepared. We waitresses were very happy when the requests were made to eat on the glassed-in porch. We hoped that we would be their waitress!

    Behind The Inn, there was a hatchery or some other business that was involved in the raising of chickens. And having The Inn near the railroad station was another attraction for travelers.

    Norene Salsbury Bigelow

  2. Jan says:

    The song couldn’t be more perfect!

  3. Wayne Murray says:

    Let’s do this ! ! One step at a time……Barber Wayne

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