Autumn decor at The Inn.
Dad at Sherburne Inn
Artist at Work. . . Neil Tuttle (purchasing agent at TACO for many years) serving up some Sherburne Inn cheer, probably in the early 1940s. Does anyone recognize any of the patrons (click the picture to enlarge)?  If so, let us know!
JohnGiaquinto   JohnGiaquinto1
John the Barber Giaquinto cutting hair in his barber shop in the Sherburne Inn basement.
Sherburne Inn Wedding Reception; Walt and Katie Hoefler, August 1, 1953
The Sherburne Inn (1917) and its iconic sign
Before and after construction (1917)
Kitchen and lounge area (1st floor, to the left of the bar area)
Dinner on the porch, and the main dining room
3rd floor suite (south side) and typical 2nd floor bedroom

Front porch
Daily and weekly rates for rooms; dinning room


More recenlty. . .


     Tour of the Inn, October 2011

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3 Responses to Gallery

  1. Teresa Phillipps says:

    I have a photo of my father tending bar there in (I believe) the early 1940s. It looked the same when I was there 10 years ago! Wold you like to add it to the gallery? How do I submit it?

  2. joann fox rahtjen says:

    This is just down the street from where I grew up (Chapel & Main ) Joann Fox Rahtjen

    • I am the little kid with the big ears and his back to the camera in the wedding reception photos in the gallery above. The year was 1953. Many of my Dad’s relatives held their wedding receptions at The Inn. On December 29th, 1969 my wife and I held our wedding reception in The Sherburne Inn. It was a cold crisp and starry night just after Christmas and the Holiday lights and warmth of The Inn reflected on the deep December snow outside. It was a scene right from the pages of a Charles Dickens or Boris Pasternak novel.

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